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Pandora is Made in Thailand Factories

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Pandora is Made in Thailand Factories

Just in case you thought that you were buying highly crafted jewelry from a European manufacturer, the fact is that Pandora employs around 24,000 people around the world in their concept stores and 13,000 are employed in Thailand to make their jewelry. There is nothing that makes Pandora special other than their history. The same manufacturers that make Pandora make much more than Pandora. You are paying a ridiculous price for a logo.

Think about it, the manufacturers that make for Pandora know exactly how to make Pandora to Pandora standards, and not just Pandora, just about any brand in the world. My name is Caroline Stocks. I have lived and worked in Asia for over 30 years and I know what really goes on. Want another cold hard truth? Twenty percent is the accepted non-brand brand replacement post customs/pre shipping (yes think about that) and I am talking about every single product made in South East Asia. Thailand distributors take production another step further. Once they have paid for brand rights to order production of a particular brand, they keep making that product long after their rights have expired – sorry folks, this is the norm.

What is a brand? A brand, like Pandora makes nothing. Just like most brands these days. Burberry is another perfect example. They shut down all production in the UK and moved all production to Asia, while using Kate Moss as their brand ambassador. Just like Apple. Just like Benetton. Wholesalers and distributors pay an upfront free to product and then pay brands per item to make their product. They use a manufacturer in Asia (where those manufacturers have over 50 years of making everything) to make the product and pay the brand a fee per product. This is before it is sold. That is how brands make money.

Want to know the real truth?

So what does the factory owner who makes the brand product for the wholesaler at the exacting standards for the brand? With their experience, they are able to continue to, although technically illegal if they prosecuted and the brand wins the legal battle, make the same and even better products than they produced for the distributor/wholesaler because Asian manufacturers NEVER supply the best materials to foreign companies, and I can guarantee you that. I have so many experiences that will shock you, and I am sure I am going to get some flak for speaking out but you need to know what you are getting and what you are really paying for as consumers.

Just look at Huawei, most of Apple iPhones are made of their components… And their phones are better by far.

So, I am not afraid. I am going to really expose what I know so customers around the world and my home country understand what they are getting. I am old enough and I don’t care. What can they do to me. Shut down this little site that supplies outstanding quality jewelry at lower prices, jewelry that is better than the brand-pre-paid productions – I make sure of it.

Chinese and Asian (often Chinese owned and managed) manufacturers have been making everything for the world for 50 years. Just think about that.

There is no such thing as a fake. Those days were over 40 years ago.

There are standards, and I will explain in great detail as I educate you as a customer to get better value for your money.


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